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Images From Comets Mars Flyby On This Week @NASA- October 24, 2014

Several Mars-based NASA spacecraft had prime viewing positions for comet Siding Springs October 19 close flyby of the Red Planet. Early images included a composite photo from NASAs Hubble Space Telescope that combined shots of Mars, the comet, and a star background to illustrate Siding Springs distance from Mars at closest approach. Also, images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiters HiRISE camera, which represent the highest-resolution views ever acquired of a comet that came from the Oort Cloud, at the outer fringe of the solar system. The comet flyby only about 87,000 miles from Mars was much closer than any other known comet flyby of a planet. Also, Partial solar eclipse, Space station spacewalk, Preparing to release Dragon, Cygnus launch update, Welding begins on SLS, Astronaut class visits Glenn and more!