langue en NASA - 03/05/2019

Destination Station From NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Discusses Technology Aboard The ISS

Recorded during a live event, Destination Station forum is the second in a series of interactive panel discussions about the International Space Station and how technologies are tested aboard the orbiting laboratory. Thousands of investigations have been performed on the space station, and although they provide benefits to people on Earth, they also prepare NASA to send humans farther into the solar system than ever before. The production occurred at the Davidson Center for Space Exploration theater at the Space & Rocket Center the official visitor information center for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

Forum panelists and exhibits focused on space station environmental and life support systems; 3-D printing; Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) systems; and Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites (SPHERES).

The forum's panelists are:
- Jeffrey Sheehy, senior technologist in NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate
- Robyn Gatens, manager for space station System and Technology Demonstration, and Environmental Control Life Support System expert
- Jose Benavides, SPHERES chief engineer
- Rich Reinhart, principal investigator for the SCaN Testbed
- Niki Werkeiser, project manager for the space station 3-D printer