langue en THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT - 27/01/2017


The new THOMMEN STRATOTIMER 2 and 3 is a highly advanced Multi-function Chronograph for Aeronautical applications. It is especially designed for modernization programs and new build of all Aircraft/Rotorcraft types.

The integrated ARINC 429 interface protocol, mounting, backlighting (and dimming) exceeds the DO-160 category/section and the required Certification level of similar products. The display of the STRATOTIMER can be quickly set to full color, NVIS Green or NVIS Red.

Flight Time Function (Start / Stop / Reset), Flight Timer Mode, Sweep Second Hand, UTC Time, Elapsed Time and Elapsed Time Status, Flight Time and Flight Time Statu s, Alarm (FT), Mode Status and Plus/Minus Change, Setup Menu, Master Status and Elapsed Time Function (Star / Stop / Reset).
The Display can be set to Full Color, NVIS Green and NVIS Red as necessary for the mission.

The STRATOTIMER is available as 2 and 3 Multi-function Chronograph