langue en Airbus Group North America - 18/04/2012 Radio Ad: Kandahar

The KC-45 is a version of the same tanker that has won the last five head-to-head tanker competitions against Boeing 767-based tankers, including the 2008 U.S. Air Force competition. A total of 28 EADS tankers currently are in development for America's allies.

The KC-45's advanced refueling systems have been demonstrated and qualified in a full range of operational conditions, unlike our competitor's proposed systems. Its all-electric, fly-by-wire Aerial Refueling Boom System (ARBS) delivers fuel at 1,200 gallons per minute, meeting a key requirement for the U.S. Air Force's new tanker. Moreover, the KC-45's all-digital hose-and-drogue refueling pods are the most modern in service today, with proven capabilities.

The success of the KC-45 will result from American ingenuity. It will be built for the Air Force by Americans at a new state-of-the-art production center in Mobile, Alabama, with tens of thousands of American workers across the country providing parts and supplies.