langue en AgustaWestland - 08/01/2014

Master in Rotary Wing Technologies

In this video, Alexandros Thomopoulos, ex student of the Master and now Aerodynamics Specialist at AgustaWestland, talk us through his experience during the course and why you may want to follow his same path.

The Master Course is offered by the Polytechnic University of Milan and has been developed in conjunction with AgustaWestland. A 4 month stage period at AgustaWestland will follow the theoretical course.

The Master Course will provide the participants with a sound theoretical knowledge of all the characteristics, problems and solutions of rotorcraft and tilt rotors followed by a practical internship period with the tuition of experienced industry personnel. At the end of the Course, students will be familiar with all the aspects of the rotorcraft world, from the design and development to the most advanced manufacturing and servicing methods.

The topics include also marketing and commercial consideration within customer different applications. The Master Course therefore is intended to prepare young professionals for rapid and qualified introduction in the rotorcraft scenarios filling a gap and building a bridge between academy and working world.