langue en DAHER - 03/05/2019

Daher - Aircraft interior solutions 2018

In a market where some 30,000 new airliners will be built and outfitted during the next 20 years and with airlines increasingly looking to distinguish their brand image with tailored in-flight experiences Daher brings value-added solutions that cover the spectrum of aircraft interior needs. Approximately 30 percent of an average airline ticket price corresponds to the cost of an aircrafts interior, and an airliner will undergo a cabin refit or modification two to three times during its typical 5 to 15-year lifespan. Todays outfitting requirements vary from full interior completions to modular and point-specific solutions. This necessitates proven design capabilities, an extremely qualified workforce, expertise in materials and energy-efficient systems, along with experience in managing the supply chain. Daher is a partner of choice for aircraft interior outfitting services, delivering its unique combination of know-how in design, manufacturing, product and process engineering and installation