langue en Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile - 03/05/2019

ENAC Drone flight arena Toulouse-Occitanie

The Toulouse Occitanie Drone Flight Area is a means
of experimentation for micro-drones which is unique
in Europe, designed as a specialised laboratory for
research on drones and embedded systems and
shared by the ENAC, companies in Toulouse, and the
ENACs French and international partners in industry
and academia.
The Drone Flight Area of Toulouse Occitanie is for
carrying out large scale simulations that combine
the physical world (the reality of flight) with the virtual
world (air traffic and drone simulators). It aims
to facilitate the development of next generation onboard
auto-pilots, more secure drones with longer
autonomy, and to unlock the science involved in the
fusion of multi-sensor data and robust control.
The Drone Flight Area offers an indoor flying space
for large drones. It is equipped with high-precision
localisation and measuring instruments for rigorously
measuring, monitoring, and analysing experimental
conditions and results in an environment
which allows for accurate replication of experimental