langue en Russian Helicopters - 03/05/2019

The Ka-226 helicopter had been participated in the exercises

September, 15 the regional Management of Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations of Orenburg region and "Orenburgneft", JSC held joint exercises near the village of Budyennovka, Orenburg region. In the exercises had been involved one of the Ka-226, which used in the Orenburg region to monitor the oil and gas pipelines and the air medicine and rescue.
According to "legend" exercises at the plot of the pipeline was discovered damage of the main pipe, which leaded to the formation of a fountain of oil, fire and explosion of air-oil cloud. Strong fire spread to the nearby forest and cut off land routes to approach the place of an emergency, where remained victims, requiring emergency medical assistance.
The Ka-226 successfully completed the task. In a timely it delivered to the place of emergency situation a team of rescuers and brought out of the epicenter the conditional "victim".