langue en DAHER - 03/05/2019

Principles of flight - Part 2 : Propeller tendencies

Becoming aware of (and preventing) Loss of Aircraft Control (LOC) accidents is becoming a top priority in aviation safety. This problem is now listed within NTSB's Most Wanted List. In many cases, LOC events may result from the erosion of basic skill-sets learned and demonstrated during preliminary flight training.

This video is part of the communications channel from Daher to TBM operators, pilots, training institutions, instructor pilots, mentors, and safety pilots. The aim is to enhance the pilots situational awareness when flying the TBM. At no time does this information replace the procedures within any aircrafts Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) or Pilots Guide (PG).

Total viewing time 06:54

Subject timeline
00:18 P-Factor
00:53 Slipstream
01:04 Torque
01:24 Gyroscopic Precession
01:42 Corrective Actions
03:45 Take-off example
05:52 3 Levels of engagement