langue en Finnair - 17/01/2014

The past and present of in-flight dining | Celebrating 90 years of aviation - Finnair

At Finnair, food is seen as an important part of the flight. The airline serves plenty of Asian-inspired dishes, but things like rye bread bring a Finnish touch to the table. And don't be surprised if the lovely smell of cinnamon takes over the aircraft -- cabin crew often heat up baked buns in the airplane galley.

Airline food became more common in the 1960s and now Maarit Keränen, Head of Service Concept at Finnair, wants to bring some of that old-world glamour back into air travel. As a result, Finnair's Business Class customers will be able to enjoy new signature menus this fall, created by renowned Finnish chefs Pekka Terävä and Tomi Björck.