langue en Finnair - 13/02/2014

Finnair Brings Home World's First Sharklet-Equipped Airbus A321

Flight attendant Sonja Etelävuori embarked on an unexpectedly emotional journey when the Finnair team traveled to Hamburg's Airbus factory to pick up the world's first Sharklet-equipped A321.

Finnair has ordered a total of five A321s equipped with the fuel saving wing tip devices called Sharklets. For Finnair, the new aircraft means lower operating costs, better fuel efficiency and consequently a reduction in the airline's environmental footprint.

The A321 with Sharklets, equipped with IAE V2533-A5 engines, will save more than 1200 kilograms of CO2 emissions for every hour in flight compared to the previous aircraft generation. The wide cabin of the A321 also offers passengers more space and comfort.