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How does a jet engine work ? | Safran

Do you know what it takes to power an airplane? An engine is a good but incomplete answer ! But how does it work ? Plunge into the incredible world of jet engines and understand how they create enough energy to make a plane fly. A turbofan's main purpose is to compress and accelerate the air suctioned by the engine fan blades in order to create a thrust, allowing the plane to take off and fly. Watch this overview of the basic principles at play inside a jet engine in this entertaining and informative film produced by Safran.

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Since 1974 Safran Aircraft Engines has teamed up with GE to develop and produce a family of turbofan engines for use on mainline commercial jets (over 100 seats). The world's best-selling engine, the CFM56 and its successor, the LEAP, are designed, developed, produced and marketed through CFM International, a company equally owned by the two partners. CFM International is the #1 turbofan manufacturer for civilian aircraft with to date more than 27 800 engines delivered to 550 operators around the globe.

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