langue en ESA - 03/05/2019

EGNOS augmenting satellite navigation

On May 24 another pair of Galileo satellites will be launched from Europes spaceport in French Guiana, completing the Galileo system on orbit.

Galileo signals are progressively being used by ground receivers for example EGNOS or the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay service, the first pan-European satellite navigation system.

EGNOS is designed to augment current satellite navigation systems such as Galileo and GPS so they can be used to work in safety critical applications such as air traffic or naval navigation.

EGNOS is comprised of 3 geostationary satellites and network of ground stations in Europe filtering GPS and Galileo signals.

EGNOS data provides reliability and accuracy with 1.5 metres to signals of Galileo and GPS, a crucial information  for users, in particular for safety of the applications such as landing planes.

This video explains what is EGNOS and how pilots in Denmark and Switzerland appreciate this new tool for flying and landing.

More about EGNOS: