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Baggage cart specification sheet

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EAGLE Industries

Dubai Logistics City, Street No.WC01
- Dubai
Émirats Arabes Unis

EAGLE Industries is privately owned and operated airport ground support equipment (GSE) manufacturer. The factory is located in Dubai Logistics City and operates under the umbrella of Dubai World Central. Equipped with the expertise of highly qualified professionals and state of art machinery and systems we?set the standards for manufacturing airport GSE in the Gulf region, Middle East, and Africa. Our mission is to contribute to the industrialization of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region and to promote the manufacturing of heavy and purpose-built motorized equipment to serve the aviation industry.

EAGLE Industries DWC, LLC endeavors to become a key contributo...

EAGLE Industries
  • Baggage cart specification sheet

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Lift and drop grille type doors for easy loading. Load bed sloped towards a central drainage channel. Single steering with brakes on front wheels, activated, with tow bar in raise or when lowered to the ground. Tow Bar at the front and tow hitch a...

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