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Engine type 914 / 115 hp (uL/F)

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Rotax Aircraft Engines

Rotaxstrasse 1
4623 - Gunskirchen


With low-operating costs, leading class power to weight ratio, well known reliability, it is no surprise that Rotax aircraft engines are the first choice of more than 220 aircraft manufacturers worldwide. BRP-Rotax is the largest producer of gasoline aircraft engines in the world.

During the last 40 years BRP has invested in continuous design and development of Rotax aircraft engines. BRP's facility in Gunskirchen meets Design and Production Organisation Approval standards (DOA and POA), which are valid for all types of certified and ASTM compliant non-certified Rotax aircraft engines.

Rotax Aircraft Engines

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The turbo charged Rotax 914 series offers more performance at high altitudes while delivering lower weight engines. This series offers a time between overhauls of 2,000 hrs and is available as non-certified version (Rotax 914 UL) and certified ...

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