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Introducing the GP7200

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Pratt & Whitney

400 Main Street
CT 06108 - East Hartford

Pratt & Whitney is a U.S.-based aerospace manufacturer with global service operations. It is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Pratt & Whitney's aircraft engines are widely used in both civil aviation (especially airlines) and military aviation. Its headquarters are in East Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

As one of the "big three" aero-engine manufacturers, it competes with General Electric and Rolls-Royce, although it has also formed joint ventures with both of these companies. In addition to aircraft engines, Pratt & Whitney manufactures gas turbines for industrial and power generation, marine turbines, and rocket engines.

The company has over 35,500 employees (2...

Pratt & Whitney
  • Introducing the GP7200
  • Introducing the GP7200

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GP7200 ENGINE The GP7200 is derived from two of the most successful wide body engine programs in aviation history. The Engine Alliance, a 50/50 joint venture between General Electric Aviation and Pratt & Whitney, was established in 1996 to...

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