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3 Commerce Way, WhitehallrnIndustrial Estate
CO2 8HR - Colchester, Essex

Aerofloor Ltd was founded in 1983, specialising in the supply of aircraft interior products. We are dedicated to making a diverse range of materials available to the aircraft industry.

We manufacture and supply a range of floorings and furnishings, the majority of which are strenuously FR tested and certificated. You will always find a vast selection in stock and ready for despatch.

In April 2013, Aerofloor Ltd was purchased by Mr. David Welsh. David is now Managing Director of Aerofloor Ltd, bringing a wealth of experience which spans over 20 years within the aircraft industry.

In December 2015, Aerofloor Ltd achieved BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification through the UKAS accredited...

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A lightweight aircraft flooring available in either a low profile pimple texture or stud texture. This material is often used on aircraft stairs, floors and stowages. CONSTRUCTION Woven Cotton coated with FR PVC PVC 86% PU 1% SUPPORT (100%...

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