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Acclaim Ultra data sheet

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165 Al Mooney Road N.
78028 - Kerrville, TX

Welcome to Mooney. We don't just fly faster, we fly better. With more than 80 years of product enhancements and customer support, plus a fleet that's accumulated over 40 million flight hours, we know a thing or two about leading the industry. From speed to range to safety to innovation, we're constantly redefining what it means to fly a Mooney.


- Company founded in 1929 by Al Mooney in Wichita, Kansas
- Headquarters moved to Kerrville, Texas in 1953
- Serves more than 7,000 customers in the United States and more than 1,000 internationally
- Manufactured and delivered more than 11,000 aircraft worldwide
- Sells four models of the M20, the highest-performing, four-pla...

  • Acclaim Ultra data sheet
  • Acclaim Ultra data sheet

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For the first major upgrade in more than ten years, Mooney has completely reimagined its flagship aircraft. It now features an elegant cockpit, seamless ergonomics and a radically redesigned interior. Not a switch, jack or control has escaped scru...

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