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THOMMEN Stratotimer - Datasheet

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A strong history

The heritage of THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT Ltd. reaches far back when it was founded as REVUE THOMMEN AG in 1853 as a watch manufacturer. Until the late 80's famous time pieces as the "cricket" wristwatch, also known as the Presidents watch, were manufactured for more than 130 years.Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnes - and many top aviation industry executives later on, were wearing THOMMEN time pieces.

The aviation history started in 1915 and the company can now look back on a history of over a hundred years. In 1916 the Swiss Air Force contracted with THOMMEN to design, develop and deliver an aircraft chronograph.


  • THOMMEN Stratotimer - Datasheet

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The STRATOTIMER is not just a clock! It is a flexible multifunction display (MFD) that is customized to your needs. E.g. it serves as a G-Force indicator or as a backup display showing engine monitoring information, passive TCAS and ADS-B In traff...

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