Marvin Test Solutions Test platform TS-323 GENASYS

Test platform TS-323 GENASYS

Test platform TS-323 GENASYS

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The TS-323 GENASYS platform is a PXI based test system designed to address a broad range of mil-aero and mission-critical products that require performance functional testing. The GENASYS offers best in class digital test capabilities which can effectively address the test needs associated with legacy ATE systems including the Teradyne L200/L300, GenRad 2750 and VXI-based digital systems. The TS-323 is available with range of digital and analog instrument options for addressing both LRU and SRU test needs as well as supporting depot and manufacturing test needs. The TS-323 switching subsystem supports "any resource to any pin" architecture and scalable architecture.


The TS-323's core system includes the GX5960 digital subsystem which offers best-in-class performance digital test capabilities. Featuring a 50 MHz vector rate, programmable voltage levels per pin, timing per pin and multiple time sets, the GX5960 subsystem provides all of the features necessary for complex functional testing or for legacy test program migration. Additionally, the GENASYS platform provides access to an analog bus, allowing each digital channel to have hybrid signal capability when configured with an analog switching matrix which provides any resource to any pin signal routing. For multiplexed pin configurations, the GENASYS can be configured with 1:16 multiplexer switch cards, providing over 4500 multiplexed pin connections to the UUT interface.

The scalable architecture allows multiple configurations starting at 64 digital pins, and a mix of low frequency and high frequency switching channels with matrix, multiplexer, or Multi-Matrix topologies. Also included are system power supplies and environmental monitoring. A wide range of optional instrumentation and switching is available, allowing the GENASYS to be configured for a customer's specific needs.

TS-323 Core System

The core system includes the following features:

  • GX7005A 20-slot, PXI chassis with (19) 6U peripheral slots.

  • Switching subsystem with integrated Scout receiver

  • GX5960 high performance digital subsystem, providing 64 to 512 channels with per pin attribute programmability

  • External PC with Windows OS

  • 6½ digit DMM

  • High density, 8000 I/O Scout receiver with integral direct access adapters, providing a reliable and high performance wireless interface from tester instrumentation to the tester's receiver interface.

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