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Aeros 3200

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AEROSCRAFT CORPORATION IN BRIEF ABOUT Igor Pasternak, CEO and chief engineer, founded Worldwide Aeros Corp. (Aeros) 25 years ago fueled by a...

Aeros Corporation

Surveillance System for Specialized Applications

The Aeros 3200 aerostat system is designed to provide a highly accurate, over-the-horizon surveillance capability with effective early warning, detection and identification of objects by land, sea or air. Built for national security, border security immigration control and counter-terrorism, the Aeros 3200 includes surveillance radar, EO/IR integrated sensors, transportable command and control systems, and tactical awareness software.


Remote Winch Operations

  • Automated mast release

  • Single operator control

  • Wireless launch/recovery

Payload Mounting

  • Re-configurable

  • Quick disconnect cable

  • Mission payload adjustable

  • Unobstructed FOV (360 degrees)

Ground Control System

  • Re-locatable

  • Self sustained

  • Fiber optic networking

  • Fully integrated

Re-locatable Integrated Mooring System (RIMS)

  • Fully transportable system (fifth wheel)

  • Networked with the ground control station

  • Operational redundancy


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