AVIC AC312 helicopter

AC312 helicopter

  • AC312 helicopter

AC312 helicopter


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The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) was founded on November 6th, 2008 through the restructuring and consolidation of the China A...


AC312 is an intermediate class (4 ton class) twin engine, multi-purpose helicopter with a single rotor and fenestron. It complies with CCAR29 specifications regarding visual flight rules (VFR) and instrument flight rules (IFR), and has a CCAR29 Category A certificate. AC312 can fly day and night through complex weather patterns. Powered by two French or Chinese engines with 531kw of takeoff power, it has a fast cruising speed, is highly reliable, and has a low operating cost. It can be used for passenger and cargo transport, law enforcement, tourism, EMS, S&R, aerial photography, and more.


  • Massively use of composite materials;

  • Flexible rotorhead system with 4 pcs composite rotor blades;

  • Low noise level;

  • Integrated flight display system;

  • Multi-purpose design;

  • Large payload, superior performance;

  • Easy maintenance, low operating cost.

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