Innovative Solutions & Support Flight Management System next generation

Flight Management System next generation

  • Flight Management System next generation

Flight Management System next generation

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Innovative Solutions & Support

The IS&S Flight Management System (FMS) retrofit increases operational flexibility and reliability, improves dispatch and on time arrival availability, simplifies maintenance and provides enhanced safety through improved situational awareness and reduced crew workload.

The FMS offers full performance navigation and mission planning capabilities, storage for up to 128 Waypoints, storage for up to 100 Flight Plans, the ability to store a Global Nav Database on a 32 GB Solid State Drive, a common ARINC 424 Database, and integration with existing IRU/AHRS equipment. Flight crews will utilize the data in the navigation database to create, edit and modify flight plans. Navigation data includes airways, jet routes, SIDS, STARS, user stored routes and more.

The FMS interfaces with the IS&S SBAS GPS receiver to provide a WAAS/Global Positioning System (GPS) based navigation solution. The GPS receiver is located remotely depending on space availability.

  • Performance, Navigation and Mission Planning Capabilities

  • Improved Data Entry Interface - Full Color Display

  • Integrates With Existing IRU/AHRS Equipment

  • Reduces LRU Count

  • Lower Power Consumption and Reduced Weight

  • Common ARINC 424 Database for FMS

  • Storage for up to 128 Waypoints

  • Storage for up to 100 Flight Plans

  • Ability to Store Global Nav Database on 32 GB Solid State Drive

  • I/O Growth Capability

  • Navigation Database Update According to 28 Day AIRAC Cycle


  • Coupled Lateral Navigation

  • Coupled Vertical Navigation

  • Data Recording Capability

  • Full ARINC 424 Procedures and Leg Types

  • Fuel Data Integration and Planning

  • Geometric and Performance Descent Vertical Navigation

  • INS Alignment

  • LPV Approaches

  • Navigation for Enroute, Terminal and Approach, Primary Oceanic/Remote

  • Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring

  • RNP/ANP Navigation

  • DME/DME Positioning

  • Supports Auto Flight, Indicators, Displays (EFIS) and Alerts

  • WAAS GPS Interface Beta 3 TSO C145c

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