ORBIT Communication Systems Communication management systems Orion

Communication management systems Orion

Communication management systems Orion

ORBIT Communication Systems

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ORBIT Communication Systems

Orion Airliner
Advanced Communication Management Systems

Advanced Communication Management SystemsOrion is an innovative IP based communication management platform built to support various network-based communication products and applications for commercial airliners and business jets, incorporating cockpit-cabin intercommunication, SELCAL functionality, and PA capabilities within a single system.

Based on ORBIT's patented technology, Orion features a switchless distributed network architecture based upon a dual IP ring topology for inherent redundancy.

With its AFDX/IP/Ethernet interfacing capabilities, integration with 3rd party avionics systems has never been simpler.


- Fully digital

- IP/AFDX interface

- Incorporated SELCAL

- Incorporated PA/PACIS

- Switchless distributed system

- Inherent redundancy

- Detachable panel

- Non ITAR item

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