Kulite Semiconductor Products Aircraft pressure transducer

Aircraft pressure transducer

Aircraft pressure transducer

Kulite Semiconductor Products

One Willow Tree Road
07605 - Leonia, NJ

Innovation and Leadership in the Transducer Industry Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. is a leading name in the transducer industry on a ...

Kulite Semiconductor Products

APT-20-1000 (100mV Output)

APTE-6-1000 (5V Output)

Main features : 

- High Natural Frequencies

- Unprecedented Stability And Reliability To High Temperatures
Ruggedized Internal Construction

- Leakproof, All Welded Construction
No Leak After Exposure To 2000°F (1093°C)

- Utmost In Safety
Secondary Containment Of Pressure Media

- Fully Qualified
Passed Extensive Environmental Tests

- FAA Authorization TSO-C47 (Consult Factory on Pressure Ranges)

- FAA Manufacturer's Maintenance Facility

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