FreeFlight Systems Radar Altimeter RA-4000

Radar Altimeter RA-4000

Radar Altimeter RA-4000

FreeFlight Systems

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FreeFlight Systems designs, manufactures and supports avionics systems that improve the safety, efficiency and affordability of flying. We spe...

FreeFlight Systems


TSO certified
RS-232 capable
NVG display available
We keep you flying - backed by an industry leading warranty and excellent customer support

Designed for applications such as helicopter and seaplane operations where accuracy is critical, the RA-4000 Radar Altimeter provides precise AGL information from 2,500 feet to ground level.

FreeFlight Systems' radar altimeters are robust and reliable systems that work consistently in the most demanding applications including rotorcraft low altitude hover and terrain transitions. FreeFlight's radar altimeters have proven performance in the most challenging and critical segments of flight including special mission operations over desert regions. Tens of thousands of FreeFlight radar altimeter units are in operation today.

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