Hydra-Electric Differential pressure sensor

Differential pressure sensor

  • Differential pressure sensor

Differential pressure sensor


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The differential sensor is available with several sensor technologies. For low- pressure ranges in clean air, a PRT sense element with gold or “protective coating” provides the differential reading. Higher-pressure units and those in fluid applications utilize either an oil-filled PRT system or a dual thin film sensor.

With any of the sense options, the measurement of pressure occurs in a balanced, fully active resistive bridge, with conditioning through a unique electronic circuit. Immunity from external electrical effects and inadvertent misconnection is provided through simplified design and special protective circuit elements.

A patented signal-conditioning circuit provides highly precise performance throughout the entire operating temperature range. The accuracy and thermal error are the same at the hottest and coldest extremes as at room temperature. Both amplified and millivolt output options are available.

Units are available with a wide range of welded connectors. Pressure interfaces using standard G1/4, NPT, coned and others, as well as fully custom, are available. Body size and shape is suited to the applications with options ranging from 1 inch round, rectangular or square.

More information : http://www.hydraelectric.com/sensors/types-of-sensors/pressure-sensors/

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