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Irkut Corporation Joint-Stock Company, a UAC member, provides complete solutions in military and civil aircraft design, testing, manufacture, ...


Multirole Combat Aircraft

The Su-30MK highly-maneuverable multirole two-seat combat aircraft manufactured by Irkut Corporation since 2002 is ranked among the world's most advanced and popular fighter aircraft.

In a single sortie, this aircraft is capable of engaging air/ground/sea-surface targets with high-precision weaponry at significant distances from home base, in harsh electronic warfare and counter-air environment, in all weather, by day and night.

The amount of completed orders and those under execution by Irkut Corporation is approaching 350 aircraft.  The aircraft has proved its outstanding capabilities while operated by Air Forces of India, Malaysia and Algeria.

The Su-30MK fighters, equipped with on-board phased-array radar, thrust vectoring engines and canard panels, are produced in series at Irkutsk Aviation Plant, an affiliate of Irkut Corporation.

Su-30MK: Unique Variety of Missions

  • Destruction of aerial targets, including advanced fighters, in air superiority missions.

  • Fending-off mass attacks of diverse enemy forces including cruise missiles, while covering troops and infrastructure objects against air attacks.

  • Escorting air strike groups while facing the enemy's counter-attacks in the form of electronic warfare and air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.

  • Destruction of moving and stationary ground targets, while performing battlefield isolation and deep-rare engagement of enemy troops and logistics.

  • Destruction of enemy ships in littoral and blue water operations.

  • Electronic countermeasures by using a tactical electronic warfare suite.

  • Long-range target detection by using the unique on-board phased-array radar.

  • Operational control of a group of aircraft fulfilling the joint mission due to the developed communications system and availability of the second crew member.

  • Training of fighter pilots in weaponry employment due to duplication of aircraft flight controls.

  • Enhancement of aircraft capabilities in the course of upgrading and in determining the conceptual design of the Su-30?? aircraft advanced versions.

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