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Over fifty years ago, we started as designer and supplier of aircraft and missile components. Today, our motion control technology enhances pe...



Today's rotorcraft applications place unique demands on slip ring technology because of equipment requirements and environmental conditions. From de-ice applications (with their need for high rotational speed, exposure to weather conditions and high vibration) to weapon stations and electro-optic sensor systems (with high bandwidth signal transmission), helicopter slip rings must perform in a highly reliable mode with the latest product advancements.

Our many years of experience in this arena has allowed Moog to be a leader in slip ring technology for rotorcraft applications. Employing a combination of precious metal fiber and composite brush technology for signal and power transfer, we are qualified to meet the most demanding applications effectively and economically. Contact us with your requirements so we can help you find a solution.

Electrical slip rings are used in helicopter, tiltrotor and rotorcraft applications for a variety of applications. Historically, slip rings were initially intended for use in blade de-ice and tip-light applications where electrical power was required for the main and tail rotor blades. Today, with the advent of tilt-rotor aircraft, slip rings are transmitting flight control and blade position data. Reliability and data integrity has never been more important.

Advanced aircraft now carry infrared and electro-optic sensors, target acquisition systems and weapon stations requiring unrestrained rotation. As a result, slip rings (and our related motion technology components) play a much broader and important role.

In addition to producing compact, light weight and highly reliable slip rings, we have provided units that combine conventional electrical slip rings with resolvers, encoders, fiber optic rotary joints and other commodities.

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