ILYUSHIN Ilyuchin Il-96-300

Ilyuchin Il-96-300

Ilyuchin Il-96-300


125190 Russian Federation, Leningradsky Prospect
45-G - Moscou

Open Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex (also referred to as ILYUSHIN) was founded in 1933. The order of USSR People's Deputy Commi...


General Data
Il-96-300 is a wide-bodiedlong-haul passenger aircraft. Its aerodynamic configuration, design and systems use the newest solutions, ensuring high safety and economic efficiency in operations.The Il-96-300 complies with all international ecologicalrequirements and thus can be operated in all regions of the world. The aircraft is admitted for operation from high-altitude aerodromes and can land at airfields of ICAO categories IIIA and IIIB.

The Il-96-300 can admit up to 300 passengers onboard. The airliner crew consists of just 3 people.This is possible due to the use of modern systems and a glass cockpit. In terms of reliability, safety and cost effectiveness, the Il-96-300 is equal to its foreign counterparts.

The aircraft is equipped with PS-90A engines complying with ICAO requirements, as regards noise and emissions.

The aircraft with its PS-90A engines and their sound-absorbing structures of the 2nd generation (ZPK-2) complies with ICAO requirements of Appendix 16, Chapter 4, as regards noise emissions.

Modern materials used in its design allow for reducing the plane's weight while ensuring required rigidness and durability. A large-diameter fuselage gives passengers a new level of comfort during long flights. The new wing ensures reliable and safe flight within the entire operational range of speeds.

Aircraft operation “on condition”helps reducing time spent on maintenance, which is of utmost importance for modern traffic-intensive airlines.

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