Genesys Aerosystems Autopilot IntelliFlight 2100

Autopilot IntelliFlight 2100

  • Autopilot IntelliFlight 2100

Autopilot IntelliFlight 2100

Genesys Aerosystems

One S-TEC Way, Municipal Airport
76067 - Mineral Wells, TX

Genesys Aerosystems is a new company that you've known a long time. You may recognize us as the people who pioneered the world's first FAA-...

Genesys Aerosystems

IntelliFlight 2100 Autopilot

Digital Flight Control System (DFCS)
A digital autopilot and flight management system designed around putting you in control of your aircraft through every phase of flight.

IntelliFlight 2100 benefits:

  • Superior Aircraft Management: From wheels up to touchdown, 3-axis digital autopilot reduces pilot workload while flying IMC.

  • Enhanced Safety: Precision you need when flying an instrument approach down to minimums.

  • Greater Reliability: 100% digital, with solid-state gyros and advanced servos and sensors.

  • Powerful Performance: For piston twins, turbine twins, and light jets that need to smoothly handle busy airspace, especially around commercial airports.

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