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REGIO LEASE is an experienced aircraft consultancy company and an approved EASA CAMO Part M/G organization.

We provide complex services such as aircraft recovery or repossession, aircraft valuation, aircraft import, airline start-up, as well as aircraft phase-in.


We offer our airline clients innovative and tailored solutions for their complex aviation issues.

Our consultancy team provides an extensive range of creative solutions, from lease negotiation to aircraft phase out, considering all operational, technical, financial and legal aspects.


Encouraged by its experience in aircraft management and operational needs of airlines regarding maintenance cost saving as well as aircraft utilization for tests purpose, RL has developed dedicated services to support OEMs.

Merging RL capabilities in airworthiness management, asset management/aircraft valuation, airline and lessors support, sharp knowledge of regulations, and the integrated project management support of all these skills allow us to design pragmatic tailored solutions for manufacturers and aircraft test bed operators.

The aircraft maintenance know-how and adaptability of Regio Lease is key for you to reach your goals.

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