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The Qube Series 5-Axis CNC Machine for Composites & Advanced Materials - (Machine Walkthrough)

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Qube-Series Machine Overview
The Q Series, or "QUBE" as we call it, was developed for companies seeking 5-axis high-speed trimming and machining of advanced materials used in the aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, and pattern shop industries. This fully enclosed CNC machining solution gives users a large work volume for machining molds, prototypes, and complex composite or thermoformed plastic parts while containing debris and isolating the operator from the machining zone and airborne particles. The design of this CNC machining center allows for various methods of work holding such as mechanical hold down and vacuum. Accommodation for oversized parts is achieved via removable side panels. Contact your C.R. Onsrud sales representative to see how this American-made CNC machine can help improve your shops manufacturing.
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