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Liebherr - LiDAT smartApp - Analyse your crane performance

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LiDAT® smartApp is an IT solution which supports port terminals in analysing and optimising cargo handling processes, performed by Liebherr mobile harbour cranes. The focal point is to make the processes faster, more environmentally friendly and more cost efficient. In real-time by transmitting cycle data directly after being generated LiDAT® smartApp gives a full overview of the equipment status and the process. By allowing detailed analysis the web application shows up starting points to improve the efficiency of cargo handling processes. A tailor-made feature in the Optimisation Package additionally recommends specific optimisation actions.

Detailed analysis of cargo handling process in real-time

Web app
Intuitive web application, available for different devices

Identification of starting points for optimisation activities

Comprehensive, informative data collection on process and machine statuses

Direct access
Information obtained directly from crane control system, rather than from external

Direct comparison of multiple cranes during definable time periods

Increased turnover efficiency
On basis of turnover cycles the Position Optimiser calculates the optimal position of both the
crane and the hopper in relation to the ship in order to decrease the load path to a minimum.
This makes the crane to work at his full performance what optimises the whole logistic chain.

Cost saving
Optimised turnover processes, projectable downtimes for refuelling and maintenance work
minimise standstill times and save costs.

Efficient turnover processes and reduced hours of non-productive operating minimise the
impact on the environment.

Increased resale value
Less operation hours plus scheduled and realised maintenances increase the resale value of
the crane.

Good process and machine overview
Dashboards for machines and definable process timeframes plus a bunch of relevant reports
help to keep the overview to draw conclusions and to make decisions.

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