langue fr Draganfly - 22/09/2021

Draganflys Vital Intelligence Smart Vital System Now Available In Fobis Venue Management System

We are pleased to announce that its Vital Intelligence Smart Vital system has been integrated into Fobi AI Inc.s (Fobi) (TSXV: FOBI) Venue Management System for Conferences & Events.

The venue management platform will now consist of Draganflys Smart Vital assessment system, Fobis Passcreator mobile Wallet passes, proprietary Smart Tap Devices, Smart Scan Pass Validation App and Insight Portal for event analytics.

Prior to an event, Fobi allows organizers to prompt guests to complete health screening on their phones. Using the phones camera, Draganflys Smart Vital system monitors, with voluntary consent, vital signs which include body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate and blood oxygen content (SpO2). It does not register any personal data of the individual being screened.

Draganflys Vital Intelligence products have been game-changers for universities, corrections facilities, sporting events and large-scale conferences over the course of the past 18 months, said Cameron Chell, Draganfly CEO. We are excited to partner with Fobi on this critical platform that will help to ensure people can confidently attend conferences and events.