langue fr Kongsberg Gruppen - 23/09/2021

Webinar - LedaFlow: Riser Fatigue estimation using Slug Capturing 2

Watch the on-demand webinar presented by the experts Neeraj Zambare and Rune Haakonsen and learn more about:

Workflow of performing LedaFlow Slug Capturing 2 simulation
Extraction and post-processing of simulation output data - which can be readily used for riser fatigue calculations in software such as OrcaFlex
How the output from LedaFlow is actually used to calculate global response
Resulting local stresses in flexible risers to estimate fatigue contribution from slug flow over the life of risers
How this workflow becomes the most accepted way of doing this analysis as awareness is increasing around the large effect of slugging on riser fatigue

Slug Capturing 2 is the result of a large effort by the LedaFlow partners to make the unique Slug Capturing functionality in LedaFlow much faster and more accurate. This new technology was released with LedaFlow Engineering 1D v2.7 and a special version of LedaFlow called LedaFlow Slug Capturing 2 which is available on a Pay Per Day (PPD) and lease basis.