langue fr CORENDON AIRLINES - 28/09/2021

Crete and Rhodes Joyful Greek islands!

Kalimera! As part of the #heavenlyguide, we take you straight from heaven to magical Greece. Together with Corendon Airlines, you will fly to Rhodes and Crete. What should you expect on these amazing islands? Both are located on the Mediterranean Sea and both are startlingly beautiful! And there is no room for competition here - you just have to visit each one. Crete is the largest Greek island. The picturesque Chania and the city of Heraklion with the famous Palace of Knossos are the must-sees located nearby. Keen on heavenly sceneries? In the azure waters of the Balos Lagoon you will feel like you are in the Caribbean! Rhodes, in turn, will welcome you with a flutter of colorful wings in the Valley of Butterflies and a view of the wonderful St. Paul from the acropolis of Lindos. This "island of roses", or the Prasonisi peninsula to be exact, is also a paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. Even the Greek gods would envy such sensations!