langue fr Aircraft Interiors Expo - 30/09/2021

A Career in Onboard Hospitality - Engaging and Inspiring Our Next Generation Of Leaders

How do we bring the onboard hospitality industry to the forefront as an exciting and enticing choice for those new to the industry or those about to embark on their careers? Throughout the global pandemic, we have lost so much talent and as we accelerate on the road to recovery, many companies are having to re-boot with fewer people. There is a real need to build back the strength of the knowledge pool and encourage companies to rethink how they recruit, promote, train and incentivise for the next generation of leaders.

The full scope of the onboard services industry including airlines, caterers, and numerous supplier partners can be a bit of a mystery looking from the outside in, especially when it comes to identifying the best career options and training opportunities. Understanding what potential new employees are looking for in a company and providing a platform to encourage active participation, positive engagement, and creativity is a win-win scenario. Lets talk about how we promote our industry and what it takes to understand and meet the expectations of those starting, restarting, or continuing on their professional journey.

This session originally appeared as part of the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo Virtual in September 2021. Find out more: