langue fr Aircraft Interiors Expo - 30/09/2021

Airlines: The Leadership Discussion

Airlines were already making many changes to the passenger experience pre-pandemic, but the shock it has provided to the industry has acted as a huge catalyst to speed this up. Everything from getting through the airport to the onboard product offer, to customer wellbeing and the approach to sustainability is in a state of flux.

Many aspects of the changing passenger experience are being supported by rapid technological developments, but the priorities and responses vary enormously depending on the market segments addressed by the airline in

question. What is significant for the customer base of a global network carrier can be quite different to that of a new start-up, able to begin with a clean sheet of paper and no legacy processes or thinking to overcome.

John Strickland, Director of JLS consulting will be moderating a thought-provoking discussion with senior airline leaders from across the sector, representing different airline business models. Topics covered will include the impact of the pandemic on customer expectations, likely changes in onboard product across different cabins, the importance of digital in managing customer relationships and service experience and the growing importance of good environmental credentials to passengers.