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Liebherr - Journey to Tema - Loading of two LHM 550 in Rostock, Germany

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BBC Chartering and Liebherr have a long-standing and trustful cooperation. Liebherr heavy lift ship cranes work on many multi-purpose vessels operated by BBC Chartering. And sometimes these cranes return to their "birthplace".

A few weeks ago, the #BBCRussia loaded two LHM 550 in Rostock, Germany. They happen to be cranes number 1,299 and 1,300 shipped from Rostock to the world. To be more precise: from Rostock to the West African port of Tema, Ghana. The two #Liebherr mobile harbour cranes, weighing 454 tons each, were lifted onto the weather deck of the multi-purpose heavy-lift vessel BBC Russia in just two days, including lashing for a safe ocean voyage. The cranes, two CBB 3800-250, have a maximum lifting capacity of 250 tons each. The carrying vessel has a deadweight of 12,400 mt, its two Liebherr ship cranes used in the operation have a combined lifting capacity of 500 mt. Thanks to all parties involved, the BBC Russia, with her very experienced crew and the two LHM 550 on board, safely arrived in Ghana.

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