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SKF - Sustainability

With 41,000 employees in over 130 countries, the impact of our collective efforts and individual choices stretches far. We touch lives beyond borders and help our customers do better, and of course continuously better our own operations. Over the five past years, we have decreased our CO2 emissions in our manufacturing by 36% per bearing.

We see possibilities for improvement everywhere. In our customer offerings as well as our work environment. We give our employees a chance to develop personally and professionally, as well as encourage them to take charge of their own career progression. What better way to do this than meet new people and explore new cultures? At SKF everyone is encouraged to take the leap and try new things. We are in continuous movement.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join us in one of over 130 countries. At SKF you will have every opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, and to meet other talented, motivated and creative individuals. Our culture is difficult to put into words. Its something that needs to be experienced. It has developed for more than 110 years, not to mention all over the world. This gives you an idea of just how diverse, open and collaborative SKF truly is. Whether you are a team player, eager to find different solutions for customers in a dynamic market place, enjoy taking on challenges or coming up with innovative ideas, there is a place for you here.

Company Description:
SKF has been a leading global technology provider since 1907, and our mission is to be the undisputed leader in the bearing business. We offer solutions around the rotating shaft, including bearings, seals, lubrication, condition monitoring and maintenance services. Today we are around 44,000 professionals working in 40 different industry segments in 130 countries. For more than 100 years we have helped shape the modern world as we know it today. We were there for the first moon landing, in the cameras used to take pictures from the surface. The bells in St Peters Square also ring because of us. Today, we are working closely with leading innovators. Wherever the world moves in factories, on the road or towards the future you will find us there. Read more on

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