langue fr Eaton - 15/10/2021

STEM training - where does electric power come from?

Eatons Power Systems Experience Center (PSEC) partnered with M-Powerhouse to deliver series of training videos to encourage youth, especially in underserved communities, from middle school through high school to learn about and pursue careers in the STEM field. What is an electrical engineer, electrician, and who supports the electrical industry? This video focuses on electrical loads power, kW, energy, kWh and encourages questions and answers for formal and informal training. The goal is to make students aware of these rewarding career paths and that all are welcome. You dont have to be an engineer or scientist to join the STEM field. In fact most jobs at a company like Eaton do not require an engineering degree. Marketing and finance are two fantastic options along with supply chain management and many other general business positions. Teachers and others involved in helping kids determine career paths are encouraged to use these videos to interact and help make decisions about career options. College is also not always a requirement, which often goes overlooked in the STEM field. The PSEC has worked with IBEW and IEC electricians for years, building a relationship between our engineers and the electricians who are the real boots on the ground. No matter who you are or what your life background, all are welcome to join us in the STEM field and help make the world a better place with clean and reliable power and energy management!