langue fr SKF - 19/10/2021

The world is changing. And so are we

Man-made climate change threatens life on earth as we know it. Quality of life can only be ensured if our emissions are reduced. Rapidly and consistently. All the way to zero.

SKF has been working on the climate issue. For many years. We have a proven track record. Yes, we are confident that our operations will be decarbonized. By 2030, all our production facilities, all over the world, will have net zero greenhouse gas emissions! We are committed - taking action day-by-day.

Its time to aim higher. Aim for our full supply chain, from materials to the delivery of our products and solutions. By 2050 at the very latest have it all net zero!

Reaching this goal will require major focus and commitment, throughout the full value chain in SKF and in the companies we are working with. For our part, we are approaching the task as we always do: with determination, experience, and expertise. As engineers, problem solving is what we do. Innovating and optimizing.

Tomorrow, the world will still turn. We are taking our responsibility to provide motion in a cleaner, more responsible way. Inviting everyone to join. We are committed to change, to reach our goals. Its not just something we say, it is something we do.