langue fr SKF - 19/10/2021

SKF's net zero climate goals

Rickard Gustafson, SKF CEO, talks about actions and challenges to achieve SKF's climate goals.

Man-made climate change threatens life on earth as we know it. Ultimately, quality of life can only be ensured by industries committing to net zero emissions, which means neutralizing all the greenhouse gases we produce. This requires making hard decisions. It demands changing the way we work, and how we produce things. Most importantly, it requires awareness and action. It is an obligation to our customers, shareholders, and of course to our employees and future generations, to do everything SKF can to help realize this transformation.

SKF has been working with climate issues for years. SKF has a proven track record, and is confident that, by 2030, all production facilities all over the world will have net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Now SKF is setting a new goal, by 2050, SKF's full supply chain, from raw materials to the delivered products, will be net zero.