langue fr RYANAIR - 27/10/2021


Ryanair, Europes No.1 airline, today (28th Oct) 2021 launched a suite of digital customer improvements to further improve customer service and provide easy access to all flight info when customers most need it.

Ryanair, which already delivers the lowest fares, best on-time performance, and lowest carbon emissions, is now making radical improvements to its customer service. These initiatives are a direct result of feedback from Ryanairs first Customer Panel meeting in Sep. By working with customers, Ryanair can continually improve customer service as it grows to 225m guests p.a. by 2026.

New Customer Improvements:

Digital Self-Service Hub:
Self-serve online without contacting the Customer Service team.
Improved Chat, FAQs, and new self-help videos.
Track updates on guest claims and interactions with Customer Service.

Day of Travel App Assitant:
Live videos & webcasts from Ryanairs ops centre during major disruptions.
Live updates on new departure times/re-routings during disruptions.
Live updates on the airport, terminal, flight and gate information via the app.
Easy app access to boarding passes, certs and other travel docs.

myRyanair Wallet:
Quick access to book flights using wallet balance.
Real-time status updates on refunds with one-click access.
Updated myRyanair account allowing storage of all travel docs in one place.

Refund Commitment:
Refund requests paid to original form of payment within 5 working days.
Confirmation and access to refunds in myRyanair within 24 hours of the request.

Customer Panel:
Dedicated 6-person customer advisory panel, meets twice p.a.
In-depth feedback to continually drive customer improvements.
Recommendations for future customer-led initiatives.