langue fr BAE Systems PLC - 05/11/2021

Innovators: Energy efficiencies for a greener future

As an organisation, we are constantly striving to reduce energy usage, both across our own estate and those of our customers and their platforms. Playing our part to meet the UK net zero target requires a radical rethink of the way we generate, store, use and harvest power. From aircraft carriers to entire dockyards, this is no easy task, but innovative thinking and novel technology will help achieve significant carbon reductions.

Over the past fifteen years we have helped the Royal Navy to halve its energy consumption at Portsmouth Naval Base, from c.100,000 tonnes/ year to c.35,000 tonnes/year thats a 65% reduction. We have installed 500KW of Photo-voltaic roofing, 3MWh battery storage, 13.5MW combined heat and power generation, alongside a number of targeted energy reduction projects and initiatives.

We are currently working to improve the way data is used to control and monitor estate operations and inform decision-making. We overlaid three dimensional geospatial models of the dockyard with various sources of estate and asset information to provide powerful visualisation tools, easy access to information and analytics dashboards. Commercial off-the-shelf sensors have been integrated to tag and monitor on-site assets like cranes, buses and pumps. This data provides a single point of truth from which we can track electrical performance, maintenance requirements and power usage across a site and so allows us to better locate charging stations and optimise operations for maximum efficiency.