langue fr Draganfly - 05/11/2021

Draganfly Trophy Truck

Committed to being at the forefront of drone innovations, Draganfly is developing and advancing products alongside the Draganfly Trophy Truck #32 team, competing under the name Draganfly.

Trophy Truck and Draganfly have partnered to develop advanced products in the form of hardware, software, sensors, and AI in one of the world's most rugged environments. The advances in this area are expected to help Draganfly commercialize innovations for its existing and growing customer base.

In connection with this, Draganfly has entered into a sponsorship and innovation agreement with Trophy Truck, whereby Trophy Truck will provide Draganfly with certain sponsorship and testing benefits, most notably including promotional and testing activities related to desert truck related events, tournaments, trade shows, community events, digital and social media, website presence and related activities.