langue fr Eaton - 09/11/2021

MOVTP Digital Datasheet

Eaton offers MOVTP thermal protected Metal Oxide Varistors. These varistors are ideal for protection of sensitive components at the circuit board level, providing protection against surges and transients from events such as lightning, power contact, and power induction. The combination of the metal oxide varistor with a thermal fuse element allows the MOVTP to protect circuits from over-voltage transients while also preventing the device from reaching thermal runaway in the event of a sustained over-voltage event. Electrical specifications for the MOVTP include working voltages from 170 to 615 Volts DC and from 130 to 465 Volts AC. They are available in 14 mm and 20 mm diameter discs and can withstand peak surge currents from 6,000 to 10,000 Amps. The MOVTP varistors from EATON are radial leaded devices and come in two or three pin configurations where the integrated third lead can be used to generate an alarm signal during transient events or product end of life.