langue fr NASA - 09/11/2021

People of Artemis

The Moon has inspired and beckoned generations to explore. NASAs Artemis I mission will forge a new path to the Moon, charting a course for a new, diverse generation of explorers. Well develop the cutting-edge technology we'll need to venture even farther to Mars and beyond. The Artemis I rocket and spacecraft are now combined and undergoing final testing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where it will soon launch on the first in a series of increasingly ambitious missions. Thanks to the daily efforts of NASA and its international and industry team members, our dreams are poised to take flight. We are going.

Producer: Barbara Zelon, Alysia Lee
Writer & Director: Paul Wizikowski
Editor: Phil Sexton
Sound Mix: Eric Land
Lunar Photography: Andrew McCarthy
Workforce Photography: NASA, ESA
Narrator: NASA Astronaut Victor Glover