langue fr ICON Aircraft - 10/11/2021

Reviewing How to Fly into Busy Airspace | ICON Flight Training

For pilots who may be more familiar with flying at uncontrolled airports, flying in Class D, C, or B Airspace can be intimidating. If you are a Sport Pilot and want to broaden your horizons by seeking an additional endorsement in your logbook to fly in these areas, you will find yourself back in the books to review the procedures, which can be a bit more complicated and also may vary based on local operating standards.

However, this additional effort is well worth it. Being able to operate properly in busy airspace will not only make you a more competent pilot but a more confident one, and it will also open up a multitude of new flying adventures.

The video is an overview of the rules, procedures, and safety considerations for operating under visual flight rules (VFR) in busy airspace, including taking off and landing at a controlled airport. This video also highlights the steps for earning an endorsement to fly in this airspace as a Sport Pilot.

This video is meant to introduce this subject and is not intended to supplant formal flight instruction from a qualified CFI. It should also serve as a healthy reminder for those with limited experience or proficiency in busy airspace to seek out additional instructional opportunities and to become more comfortable and competent before you go flying.